Startup India- A Dream

startup indiaAs everyone knows, that India to have the second largest internet- user base in the words by 2015 December and the entire world watching towards us. But everyone who wants to do something big in this virtual word has facing the same question “what to do” and “how to do”….?

First an Idea is difficult to come and second the execution is so much difficult. It requires an innovative brain and a good analytic data collection along with good executors. In nutshell a startups is not a single words it is a dream that has to be executed with appropriate ways.

According to lot of studies and surveys, which archived in the year of 2015, it comes out that so many cities are good for a startup environment. But I personally think that it depends upon a single question and that is “what do you want to do”…?

I mean to say, that if your startup will finally target to some literate community than you have to think about City or in case if the final target is a number at large people than you should think about a dense populated city.

For an example if your startup is related to books or literature or education or somehow related to the same than educated people must be your target. In this situation you have to start your first move with some educated areas. On the other hand if you are going to start something related to street food than you should not think about educated or elite class. Your simple target is a common man and that is easily available is dense populated areas.

What about the Funds…? No one can perfectly answer this question. As I know there are so many incubators are available for finance as seed money but why would they pay you the money…?

It means you have to build a solid idea, not only a solid idea but you have to create a detailed project report that includes budgets of every single penny and the details related to outcomes in monetarily terms in a specific time period and that particular outcomes has to be based upon realistic calculation.

Therefore the summery of the project will need an experience brain. Now a day’s every financier would like to see an IIT or IIM brain as a part of your team but every startup is not able to be associated with IIT or IIM brains. In that situation your personal experience, the innovative idea and the execution plan is the only key to impress a financier or incubators.

So dear Friends wake-up and compose your idea on paper because I personally think that paper work is the most integrated part of a startup.

Don’t think about Government’s Startup Plans, that is okie, definitely it will effect to number at large but the way to get benefits from government policies is so much difficult.

Project your plan on grass root level and start with half of the savings.

Team Trulytechno

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