Searching for a spark for your startup?

Your idea is fantastic. According to you, your business plan is awesome and you are trying to manage everything like one man army.
No…!!! It will not work for you.
If you have invented something and If you are worried for you strtup, definitely it will work for you.
If there is something special in your product that you do not want someone else to copy it than you are searching for appropriate intellectual property rights.
Each product has its own specialty and that’s called their intellectual property and the rights related to the same called intellectual property rights.
Here are some points mentioned which you should think about before starting your startup.

Business establishment
First of all you should think about your business structure according to the investment. If you have a lot of money for business and you want to keep your business structure bigger then you may go for Company (Private limited or limited) in other case you should go for partnership or proprietorship based business structure. If the liability of partners in your business is to be decided differently, then you should go for limited liability partnership.
If you are turning for a startup and you want to take advantage of the Government of India’s startup policy then before you start the business, you should carefully read the guidelines of the startup policy of the Government of India.

If your product or startup’s name, trade name or logo is very good and unique than you must think about trademark registration. The law relating to trademark registration prevents your business name or logo from being duplicated by any other. At the same time, the law related to trademarks will ensure you that no one else will be able to use a similar business name of yours. The name of your product or the name of your business is the real identity of your business, so it is very important to safeguard it.

If you have a unique “expression of idea” that is your brainchild and you think there is no other way like that in the world then you should think about copyright registration. Expression of idea means, the idea should not be a “mare idea”, you have to start work on your idea and the result will lead you to copyright, if it is not related to an invention. If your idea related to a scientific idea than you must go for patent. An Idea is the first step in either a copyright or patent condition, so the outcome of that idea will determine whether it is copyrightable or patentable.

Patent or Design Patents
A patent is a proprietary right granted by the appropriate government office. There are three types of patents available in India:
(1) A utility patent, which covers the functional aspects of products and processes;
(2) A design patent, which covers the ornamental design of useful objects; and
(3) A plant patent, which covers a new variety of living plant.

Overall, we just want to say that if you really want to start your business with a unique idea, then the above points should be considered before starting the business.

You can contact us for any type of information in the above subject.
Good luck for the future.

Team Trulytechno


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