How to find your lost or stolen phone?

Did your phone get stolen or lost? Have you downloaded any tracking apps?

To worry that there is no need, you can find your phone

Find out what can be your phone through remote access; we will discuss the same in this chapter.

For a moment we believe that there is no tracking application in your mobile. Here are some ways you can get and hopefully you will get your phone back.

1. For Google based Android Phone and IOS based Apple Phone

Your tracker is a pre installed application in the Google based Android operating system based phone, which means that you do not need to download a separate app. By this means you can find your phone sitting away and from here you can erase the entire data of your phone sitting away. To use the tracker, you have to go to the Android Device Manager option which can be viewed through your synchronized Gmail account.

When you see the Android Device Manager option properly, you will find that this option will automatically detect your phone and you can ring, lock, or erase all your data by clicking a single button.andriod device manager

If you do not have access to the PC, then log in with your Google Account using any other mobile guest mode, and open the Android Device Manager app. In this way you can regain control on your phone but if someone has closed the internet connection to your lost phone then by this process it is difficult to access your phone.turn-on-google-security-settings

Similarly if you want to find your missing iPhone, go to and log in with your Apple ID.iphone7-ipad-ios10-3-lost-mode

2. Google Map based Mobile Location

There you will find Navigate option on the dashboard through which you can find your synchronized mobile device. You can also ring, lock or erase all your data by clicking on a button here.

It is also necessary to mention here that you can also find out the current location of your mobile in the same process, lock it permanently and can also contact you on your missing mobile screen, but it will be possible in the same case when the internet and GPS services will be running on your missing mobile, otherwise you cannot take advantage of this feature

After making sure that your mobile is actually stolen or lost, you should use this option and keep in mind that after this whole process no other person will be able to use your mobile data. It has often been seen that in this way you probably will not be able to reach your mobile but you can avoid misuse of your precious data

3. Samsung Find My mobile

If you are a Samsung mobile user, then it’s a good thing for you to find Samsung’s official My Mobile App, you can search your stolen or lost mobile. You can find my mobile website for this website and visit the website to get information about your mobile location. For this process, your Samsung device should have an internet connection and it will be necessary to register with a Samsung account.

4. Dropbox Based Tracking

Interestingly, you can, in certain cases, also use Dropbox to track your phone, if by chance you have the app installed. Your phone needs to be online for this, and you need to have turned on the “Camera Upload” setting in the app.

Although this is not an effective way to locate the stolen mobile, but if this process is used then sometimes we can detect the thief through photographs taken by thieves. In this process, photos taken by the thief are shifted to your Dropbox as soon as the mobile is turned on and we can see those pictures through our Dropbox account.

5. Google Photos based Tracking

If our mobile is stolen or lost, and in this case if someone is using that mobile, then we can reach the thief even through Google Photos. If you have synchronized your Android mobile with Google Photos through your Google Account, then all the photos taken on your mobile phone are uploaded to Google Cloud, which you can view through your Google Account and can identify a thief.

Note- All images have been received from the internet which are being used only for the use of education.

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