Samsung S8, Initial Updates, Bixby Changes.

An over-the-year update for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the S8 Plus has been released which is impeded to use any person to stop the application of third-party, due to which any third party’s voice Operated application will not be able to override the Bixby button.


According to Samsung, What is Bixby?

Generally speaking, Bixby is an integrated system that controls your work according to your understanding of every work connected to your phone, and this also identifies what you do and what to do through any other application that desire. This system will control many devices connected to your daily life through an integrated application. Bixby is capable of controlling almost all kinds of functions available on its mobile.

samsung bixby

It is very easy to use Bixby, for this, the mobile has a different dedicated button, through which you can turn Bixby and keep every application running on the screen under its control and your task will become very easy.

After this update no will be able to change the dedicated Bixby button, before this update, Google Assistance could also be used by this button.

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