Truly Technology ⇔ Truly Techno

What does the mean of technology…?

Does technology mean mobile and computer only..?

I think technology means only whatsapp and Facebook…! Right…??  Hunh..!!

Friends… in a simple put, Technology means science and the role of science in our life, infect in our daily routine life. Sometimes technology appears very subtle in its form and sometimes in a gigantic form, the microcosm so that we do not think it necessary to understand and the big technical knowledge which is not the point of our understanding. This is exactly the way we like to listen to music but we cannot recognize musical instruments without seeing them.

So many questions…!

It is very difficult to live a normal life with the help of technology. Noting that, the technology has become an important part of our lives and we cannot survive without the technology.

We are back on the same question, After all what is technology…?

Technology is that which makes everything easy for you. If you are reading this Philosophical lecturer, so this is just thanks to technology. If you having a mobile or travelling by a car, train or airplane, it means you are enjoying the direct benefits of technology.

In the “Trulytechno” we will know, how much technology really contributes to our lives and if indeed we are completely surrounded by technology and our life is going to be easy, then we should respect the technology and understand it.

We urge our readers to share your technical knowledge with us so that more people can benefit from this.

Thanks a lot.

Team Trulytechno.

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