How to find your lost or stolen phone?

Did your phone get stolen or lost? Have you downloaded any tracking apps? To worry that there is no need, you can find your phone Find out what can be your phone through remote access; we will discuss the same in this chapter. For a moment we believe that there is no tracking application in... Continue Reading →

Google launches Fact Check feature

In a technical effort, to prevent the spread of fake and false news, Google has announced that it will bring a fact-finding tool to search globally. Whenever an Internet consumer searches for something on Google, he sees more than one search result, but now when an internet user searches for anything on Google, the resultant... Continue Reading →

Searching for a spark for your startup?

Your idea is fantastic. According to you, your business plan is awesome and you are trying to manage everything like one man army. No…!!! It will not work for you. If you have invented something and If you are worried for you strtup, definitely it will work for you. If there is something special in... Continue Reading →

Startup India- A Dream

As everyone knows, that India to have the second largest internet- user base in the words by 2015 December and the entire world watching towards us. But everyone who wants to do something big in this virtual word has facing the same question “what to do” and “how to do”….? First an Idea is difficult... Continue Reading →

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